The Internet has changed the modelling industry immensely, but it’s not entirely about who has the most followers or posts the cutest Tweets. Many models have found an outlet for their voice Online, they also have the freedom to share their stories and everything that they are passionate about with an audience who appreciates them for their personalities—not just their ability to pose.

Whether you’re a model or wishing to become one, it’s always important to know that modelling is a career. Yeah, it is a fun job, but there are quite a few serious sides to it… it’s all about playing the game right, and building a successful future for yourself in the interim. Finding the perfect agency can be a long process, so if it takes a while for someone to see your full potential, don’t be discouraged. In the meantime, look for other ways to gain exposure and experience.

Have you ever looked at the models in the magazines with a voice in your head asking: “Why can’t that be me?” Newsflash – IT IS POSSIBLE!!! If you have not been signed to a modelling agency yet, or if you simply like the idea of working for yourself and not having a boss, then freelance modelling might be your best bet. Fortunately, you can find modelling advice anywhere on the internet these days, which is able to bring you the most diverse scope of reliable information possible.

Becoming a freelance model means that you are representing yourself, marketing yourself, building your own portfolio, and that you are responsible for finding and booking your own work. Yes, it is hard work, but the flexibility and freedom of freelancing is definitely worth the required effort! There honestly is an endless list of opportunities and advantages available when becoming a freelance model, so start exploring!

This is a tough industry… always remember that, and keep an open mind at all times. Don’t believe everything you hear, ask questions, seek help and learn from the people around you. Different models experience different things, learn to ignore all the nonsense in the industry. Keep in mind that there is an entire modelling industry built around your hopes and dreams of becoming a model, trying to make money from you, so take small footsteps, be careful and keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

Lots of love,

Nikki XOXO

“A smart model is a good model” – Tyra Banks*